Monday, October 23, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

While Mommy is away in Texas, we're having a great time with our Daddy. This weekend I snuggled with him...
And my sisfur of course...
Yeah, okay, so I practically laid on her but what can I say, she enjoyed it too. We have just a couple of days of Daddy time before Mommy returns. We'll be sure to make the most of it!

How was your weekend?

Wishing you snuggles!

Wednesday, October 18, 2017

The Kitties in the Window

We're not normally up at o'dark thirty so we had no idea there were two beautiful kitties outside on our deck...
They sure are gorgeous!

The reason we're up in the middle of the night is because Mommy's leaving on a trip until next Wednesday. We'll miss her but we love hanging out with Daddy! Unfortunately we probably won't get to visit blogs until she gets back. We'll miss you too! 

We'll be back as soon as we can!
Angel and Isabella

Monday, October 16, 2017

Weekend Wrap Up

After a rainy week we had a sunny but chilly weekend. That means Mommy's fuzzy Mickey pants and non matching fuzzy socks came out. They may look funny but they are super warm...
On Saturday, Mommy and Daddy met JJ, Hospice Therapy dog at her book signing at a local pet store...
They also met JJ's scribe, aka The Bossy One, also aka Tracy who is a nurse at the hospice in a nearby town. JJ goes to work with Tracy and provides comfort for those in hospice as well as their families. They wrote a book called JJ's Journey:A Story of Heroes and Heart and we got a copy signed for us...
I smelled JJ on the book...
Of course I smelled JJ on Mommy too since she petted her. A lot. She just couldn't help herself. She said JJ was such a sweet girl and gives people hugs. JJ also loves kitties since she has a kitty brother named Taz aka cat-dog. Anyway, if Mommy had to cheat on us with a dog, we're glad she picked such a good girl.

How was your weekend?

Hope your Monday is a good one!
Isabella and Angel